Instructions for Your Project:

Holocaust iMovie & Wiki Project
Each group will be responsible for creating an iMovie and a wikispace on their assigned genocide.

Choose a project leader – This person is responsible for making sure everyone in the group has a job and is contributing to the project.

Assign basic roles – Who is creating the iMovie and who is responsible for the wikispace page.

Get down to more specific roles:

Genocide iMovie Project
You are creating an iMovie showing images from your genocide and citing basic information.

  1. Collect 40-50 pictures- save as jpegs

  1. Find the answers to the following basic questions about your genocide:

    1. When
    2. Where
    3. Who were the victims; who were the victimizers
    4. Why – causes
    5. Methods of genocide
    6. Effects
    7. National and International responses

  1. Find one or more motivational quotes about genocide and/or your specific genocide
  2. Put this together in an iMovie
  3. Find appropriate music to accompany your imovie

Wikispace Project
The address is:
You will get your password from Mrs. Cullen when you are ready.
· Armenian Genocide
· Bosnian Genocide
· Cambodian Genocide
· Darfur, Sudan
· Holocaust
· Holocaust Denial
· Rwandan Genocide